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We are a school specialized in the practice of SUP YOGA.

Our path began in 2018 when Daina (the founder) started teaching SUP YOGA classes in different places and after that successful summer with the classes she decided to found her own school.

Starting in 2019 we began to give SUP YOGA training for people who wanted to deepen the practice by creating our own teaching method.

Currently, we are pioneering and innovative school in Europe with more than 90 students trained in SUPYOGA.cat and the first SUPYOGA school to create a professional and complete training plan with 3 levels of SUPYOGA training.

We are aware that this practice takes place in natural environments, in which a deep knowledge of all the techniques that make up this discipline is needed, that is why our training is very complete in content and with a guarantee of professionalism.


We focus on the connection with nature and the conservation of the seas as a non-profit organization committed to environmental protection. We firmly believe that practicing these sports disciplines not only enriches our physical health but also our relationship with the natural environment that we value and aim to preserve.

SUP Yoga Catalunya

In addition, we are the only school that is 100% active throughout the year, since our first principle is to make SUP YOGA a daily routine, not just a summer entertainment because we believe and have experienced the many benefits that practicing Yoga has at outdoors, on an aquatic surface and throughout the year.

Since we decided to grow the SUPYOGA.cat team, we have been consolidating the project and spreading SUP YOGA throughout Catalonia through the SUPYOGA.cat TOUR.

“Discover Catalonia from the water”


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Fiorella Guglia

Instructor in Barcelona

Fiorella is a general doctor by profession and came to live in Barcelona from Venezuela in 2017.
She has been practicing artistic gymnastics since she was 5 years old, participating in very small competitions.
Yoga came into her life and she decided to delve into this practice as a tool for physical, emotional and spiritual self-knowledge.

Artistic gymnastics
Rocket Yoga Instructor
Ashtanga Yoga Instructor
SUPYOGA instructor trained at SUPYOGA.cat


Violeta Borrisser

Instructor in Costa Brava

Contemporary dance and body awareness.

ROPEC Hatha Yoga Instructor
SUPYOGA instructor trained at SUPYOGA.cat

BARBARA SUPYOGA.cat SUP Yoga Cat SUP Yoga School

Barbara Cuenca

Instructor in Barcelona

Barbara is a language teacher who loves Paddle Surf and Yoga.
She currently combines her profession as a language teacher with teaching in some Yoga centers in Barcelona.

Hatha Yoga Instructor
Vinyasa Yoga Instructor
Paddle Surfing Instructor
SUPYOGA instructor trained at SUPYOGA.cat

DAINA SUPYOGA.cat SUP Yoga Cat SUP Yoga School

Daina Ortiz

Founder CSC

Daina is a photographer by profession specialized in Management and Restoration of Photographic Archives.
She lived 3 years in Argentina where she met Yoga and decided to train in Kundalini. In 2017 he started giving SUPYoga classes in different places: Mataró, Barcelona and Espot with great success and decided to create his own school: Center SUPYOGA Catalunya.

SUP Yoga Trainer
Paddle Surf Instructor
Kundalini Yoga Instructor
ROPEC Hatha Yoga Instructor
Creator of SUPYOGA WORLD, the first online platform for Supyoga centers around the world

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Guillem Rius

Founder CSC
Responsible for hiring, marketing and web design.
SUPYoga La llosa del Cavall

Arnau Batlle

Logistics and Transportation
Responsible for logistics and transportation of material at events.
SUP Yoga Catalunya

Aimar Galdós

Audiovisual Editor
Creator and editor of audiovisual content.