SUP Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 | May 2023


SUP Yoga Teacher Training
Introduction to the practice of SUP YOGA acquiring the essential knowledge to be able to understand the practice and guide classes safely in any aquatic environment.

It includes:

· Paddle surf equipment
· Neoprene
· Training manual
· Title of training
· Showers
· Changing rooms
· Diets included during training

*See training conditions

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Date:  13, 14 & 20, 21 May 2023

4 days on site:

We work the influences of Yoga and Paddle Surf applied to SUP Yoga.

Furthermore, this year, after our experience, we renewed the training system by extending days and content.

The training includes theoretical and practical knowledge of the two disciplines that make up SUP Yoga, delving into asanas and variations, breathing, meditation and safety to carry out your classes with total control.

Hours for all days on site training:

9:00 – 18:00

* Due to weather conditions unrelated to the organization of the training, this schedule may be subject to change
* If the training group wishes, sunrises and sunsets can be added as extra training hours.

  • Paddle surf equipment
  • Neoprene
  • Training Manual
  • Training degree
  • Showers
  • Changing rooms
  • Diets included during training

The training takes place at our point in Barcelona: at the Club Patí de Vela Barcelona facilities:

See here

  • More than 18 years
  • Basic skills to develop in the water
  • Card
  • In installments! (to consult the conditions, click: Here )

Get trained in the only SUP Yoga sports club dedicated to research, experimentation and dissemination of this discipline created by the synergies between Yoga and Stand Up Paddle Surf.

We are a club registered by the “Generalitat de Catalunya” where we promote the good practice of the SUP Yoga discipline and seek a standard to train competent people with sufficient resources in both Yoga and Paddle Surf to be able to develop classes with total safety and confidence in any aquatic medium.

  1. What kind of title do you get?
    The degree we issue is private to our Sports Club. SUPYOGA is an unregulated discipline, therefore all degrees are private and are not regulated by any government agency.

  2. Do you need any previous qualification to do the training?
    No. Our training is very complete and you acquire all the necessary knowledge:
    – Our training is based on a lot of PADDLE SURF practice since we consider it a very important part of this practice. We practice with 3 different types of boards and we go very deep into the technique to get a deep knowledge and technique.
    – We delve into the technique of SUPYOGA: variations of Asanas, adaptations by level and weather conditions.
    – We practice and study YOGA from its history to all its variants but obviously as it is a training of a few hours, if you want to dedicate yourself to SUPYOGA we suggest that you do a specific YOGA training before or after the training to be able to clarify and formalize your knowledge in Yoga.
    – We also have a NAUTICAL part where we practice and learn different types of anchor for our classes, type of technical material, how to analyze weather conditions, etc.

  3. I need SUPYOGA certification by Yoga Alliance?
    No. Yoga Alliance is a private organization in the USA. It certifies YOGA formations, not SUPYOGA. Some center may have the YACEP certificate, that only means that you can use those hours for your continuous training if you are a Yoga teacher and you are interested in being in the Yoga Alliance (in Spain Yoga training is also private, the only regulatory body that exists is the ROPEC). But that does not guarantee the quality of the training since it is not regulated or reviewed by any SUPYOGA professional.

  4. Can I work as a SUPYOGA instructor once I complete the training?
    Yes. It is a training created for people who want to be instructors and instructors. Even though there are also people who do it to learn more about Paddle Surf or SUP Yoga without giving classes.

  5. Can I work with
    Yes. Our school helps all the people trained with us and capable of leading a group to create their SUPYOGA point by being part of the team with many benefits that are explained in the training.